Upgrade for virtual reality-backpack Zotac

With virtual reality glasses for the pc with cables stuck to your computer. Result: not a complete freedom of movement and the risk that your about cords tripping. Zotac is coming soon with a new version of his virtual reality-backpack to this problem, the VR GO 2.0.

Zotac has with this variant, with particular regard to a lighter wearing comfort, with materials for the buckles that are finer for longer periods behind each other. In fact, it is still a mini-pc from Zotac that you are on your back can wear, the whole thing weighs about 4.5 pounds. The only cables where you have to keep in mind, are those who of your glasses to your back foot.

Same hardware

You can be one and a half hours of play for the battery. Interestingly enough, this is slightly shorter than the first version of the VR GO, where advertised with a playing time of 2 hours. The hardware is a little doctored, the pc contains a later generation of Intel processor, the same Nvidia GTX 1070-video card and again 16 GB of ram.


The pc itself is of the backpack portion to disconnect, so that you ‘m as a ‘regular’ gaming pc can use. So, there are plenty of connections on up to four monitors at the same time, to mount. A price is not yet shared, but the original backpack was originally for $ 2000 sold.

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