Oops! These are the products that Beats Apple forgotten to present in the Keynote

The Keynote of Apple, took out a couple of days ago and she got to meet all the new devices, it was mentioned that there would be an Apple Watch Series 4 and 3 iPhone which improvements and price caused controversy in social networks, but that was all, not mention the accessories that come with them.

This caused some of the most faithful followers of the brand of apple, to ask about what was going on with Beats, since it would imply that the headphones of these, would be launched with all the above mentioned products.

To see that there would be no promotion of these in the presentation, it was the same company that Beats issued a statement where they showed images of the designs that the hearing aid would have, because they combine with the colors of the iPhone Xs Iphone Xs Max and iPhone Xr.

The photos show the Solo3 Wireless in shades of gold and satin silver, which makes them look more elegant and polished, while headphones Beats ‘UrBeats3, that have the lightening connector, it is found in yellow, blue and pink coral.

These gadgets appear to be aligned with the entire line, and the public of Apple, because it covers from cheerful with the bright colours, until the mature looks with the satin finish.

However, these models, in spite of calming the doubts about what was happening with Beats, they generate more questions, because it has not yet shown the headphones AirPod premium noise-cancellation, in which apparently Apple would be working.

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One of the hypotheses of why these were not released, handles that don’t want to be competing with the same headphones that Beats occurs, but also this other theory that deals with the next event that will be held in October.

In this presentation, it is believed that in addition to displaying the MacBook, iMac and iPad Pro, you’ll also see the famous AirPods. Do you what assumption you bet more?

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