Use Google Maps on CarPlay with 4 simple steps

The latest update in the iPhone is the iOS 12, brings several improvements that can be used in the same smartphone and even in the car, because from now on the users will be able to use Google Maps on CarPlay.

For if you do not know that is CarPlay, is a kind of airbag that will help people to have the tools necessary for your phone on the dashboard of the car, and in this way travel way more comfortable.

Among the actions that can be performed with this function, will display directions to get to some place, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music from Spotify.

The Land stops being flat on Google Maps

These tasks will be easy and safe to run, because you do not need to be using the hands, because Siri will help it to carry out because it is designed especially for everything that is prompted while driving.

This, along with the app of Google Maps that will be on the board, will guide users to arrive with good to your destination, so to use it, you must only follow the following steps, which are quite simple.


  1. Update your iPhone to have iOS 12, and have version 5.0 of Google Maps
  2. While on the phone, go to Settings, General and then to CarPlay

  1. Look for the car in question, by doing this you will get a page of apps.
  2. Locate the icon of Google Maps and move it to the main screen and Partners.

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