Using Artificial Intelligence to find out what type of photos are most successful in Instagram

The Artificial Intelligence has many applications, for example, become better at social networking. So did the BBC with its programme Tomorrow’s World , which has developed a chatbot for analyze thousands of photos that users went up to Instagram in order to determine the features that ensure greater impact to your images.

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The robot conversational created by BBC, used Artificial Intelligence to assess the influence of the images and identified a number of items which have a greater specific weight as well as the palette of colors they use, the emotions with the listed individuals and until the election of the places where they were taken.

The chatbot obtained their conclusions by making conversations through Facebook Messenger while it was fed with images of Instagram. Through these “talks” was that I was able to learn the specific elements to increase the influence of a photo considering the interactions received, the number of “likes” or “likes” and comments making users.

This is the list of elements to consider to raise the expectation of success of a picture on Instagram:

  • The colors: in this case is dominated by three -pinks, brown, and black – that add up to 11 points of influence.
  • The elements: the face of the person, 11 points more.
  • Emotions: the person appears to be smiling, and the robot detected joy, which adds another 25 points.
  • Places of interest: there are none in this case, so no points are added.

It is interesting to note that the emotion of the people featured in the photo had a weight in his performance. It turns out that people react much better to positive emotions such as joy. Also the place is important, if this is a location highly familiar as the Eiffel Tower or the Angel of Independence, the potential of the image increases because many people recognize or have even been there.

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