More messages from friends in Facebook-timeline

Facebook is going to be algorithms to sharpen so that you will have more messages, get to see friends and family, while posts of companies just less visible.

In that way, hopes the social network that Facebook users are more in conversation with each other. Now they are mostly videos or they use the site as a news source. Because this kind of messages internationally often, a lot of responses and likes, you see them often at the top of Facebook. Messages from friends disappear, in fact, often to the background.

“Our research shows that we are happier when we connect with others,” says Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg. “Originally, Facebook is also founded to bring people together. But the way it is now, especially in passive mode, can actually have the opposite effect.”


Facebook is already under fire because users are just lonely could feel, and in extreme cases, even in a depression can end up. Zuckerberg says to feel responsibility for the well-being of Facebook users, and therefore is the focus now shifted to messages from friends and family mutually.

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