Is it worth the new Apple Watch Series 4?

Each time the company of the apple makes ads that are supposedly looking to be spectacular. In these presentations it is always said that “a lot of these equipment are technologically superior,” and since then, all of a sudden it seems that it is more a question of marketing than reality engineering. And for many, Apple sells prestige before that devices and knows he has a captive audience that buys what the business does, without asking whether they need it or not.

Are there innovations that are worthwhile in the new iPhone?

The watch from Apple called Apple Watch Series 4, now shows a larger screen, with bezels smaller. For Tim Cook, this device is the one that has become the number 1 in the world and not only as a smart watch. Jeff Williams, also of the apple, said that now that the phone has more connectivity, systems to measure the exercises of the user and characteristics applicable to the health issues. “The watch Apple has become a guard smart for your health”, adds Williams.

The features of the new watch apple, Apple Watch Series 4, are:

  • New design
  • Bigger screen
  • New interface with the user
  • Performance twice as fast
  • A horn is 50% more sound
  • Electric Sensor of the heart with app of electrocardiogram
  • The clock is against water
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Optical Sensor of the heart
  • 64-bit processor
  • New accelerometer

Williams says that the watch does things in a dynamic way, such as changing the screen when they detect drops of water on the edges. On the other hand, the new accelerometer allows you to detect falls. When this happens, Apple Watch can send an alert to the emergency services. If the phone feels that it is motionless for more than a minute, then the call will be made automatically.

With respect to the monitors of the heart, if the watch detects a low rate of heart beats, then it will display a graph indicating the heart rate to detect in all almost an atrial fibrillation. You can also take an electrocardiogram, but probably the accuracy is not fantastic. However, it might well be of utility in any case of emergency. Apple seems to have thought of everything, and the measurements of health that the phone can do are all encrypted on the device and in the cloud. The watch keeps your battery life at 18 hours, as in the previous versions.

The cost of this super-watch is 399 to $ 499 depending on the features and the countries where you sell.

But… is it worth it? It is not very clear this. For example, the monitoring capabilities of the heart are very interesting but what I would use someone daily? I doubt it. In the case of one who writes, I have a band of economic health (about $ 30), and has options to see how I slept. The first few times I used to put my cell and saw the beautiful graphics that the system had hours of deep sleep, light sleep, etc. Today, months after you have put on the wrist for the first time, since does not seem to me so important to this measurement.

Without a doubt, in technological terms, the clock appears to be wonderfully good and perhaps the cost, $ 500 approximately, it’s worthwhile by the electronics and the software included, but in the matter of the functions it has, many seem to be more an argument of marketing than a necessity interesting that it appears as a novel feature in the device. And yes, of course it is preferable to have a novel feature, different, but let’s be frank, the question is whether it is necessary, if people would use it.

In the opinion of who writes this note, a watch with all these features it may be worth it for a niche market very specific, but for the public at large gives the impression that is left. and Partners.

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