See the World cup games for free on your phone and without Internet

With the World cup in Russia 2018 at the top of many fans of football are surely looking for any way to be able to enjoy the matches of the World Cup from your cell phone, however, the most popular choice as the Internet has the disadvantage that it could consume all the megs of your data package, so we tested an option for your smartphone that does not require Internet to function.

So is Denali TV Tuner, an adapter for your phone that acts as a receiver of television broadcasts is open, that is to say, with the you can view the channels of open television in your cell.

In addition to this gadget, which costs approximately $600 pesos, we also have to download the application which is only available for Android, and which we can find under the name of Pad TV.

AT&T will transmit matches of the World cup Russia 2018 free on Android and iOS

The app works with any device with Android 4.0.3 or higher, and that requires a micro-USB connection. We have tried to make the device work with a phone with USB C and a adapter to micro USB, but we have had no success.

Likewise, there are occasions where the application managed to play the broadcast television channels without any problem, but on other occasions we did not manage to reproduce any of the content. On the other hand, it is important to mention that we need to place the receiving antenna at some convenient place to receive the signal, so if in the area there is a lot of interference so we can’t see the television from our phone.

If you want to see the World cup games from your phone without consuming your megabytes of Internet, then you can consider this option, but remember that there may be some drawbacks at the time of reproducing the content.

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