Many security cameras as leaky as a basket

Consumers with a security camera on their front door in the keep track of, without knowing it multiple backdoors for hackers to open. This is apparent from a test Computer Idea. Many cameras are equipped with outdated software and therefore easy to take over by others.

Computer Idea analyzed six recent security cameras from manufacturers Alecto, Foscam and Eminent. None of the models proved to be safe. The internetcamera’s use of an outdated version of the Linux operating system, which is known to a lot of weak spots. Also, the communication between the cameras and the computer of the user not encrypted, allowing attackers to get at the data in the blacklist.

Easy to hack

Hackers can easily on the camera’s of Alecto hack by simply the IP address of the device in a browser to type in, followed by the line ‘/cgi-bin/get_tutk_account.cgi. The username and password of the camera will appear directly in the picture. Also prove backups are not to be encrypted, making the login credentials of a wi-fi network and e-mail just to read.
Alecto and Foscam both have indicated as a result of the findings, with updates to come for the cameras. When the vulnerable operating system of the devices will be updated is not yet known. The manufacturers are depending on an external company. “We are going to start working with them. The possibilities in this regard are currently under investigation, ” says a spokesperson of Alecto. The spokesman stressed that the cameras can be used safely if the network is properly shielded. Eminent was not reachable for a comment.
Hackers and researchers have been warning for years with the poor security of internetcamera. The devices will be in China at the lowest possible cost manufactured. The security of the product, it is often not a priority. Also, many consumers do not know that they have the default passwords need to adjust.

‘Bonjour madame’

In 2016 were approximately 500.000 poorly secured internetcamera’s, and routers deployed for an attack in the United States. The botnet, Mirai called, explained to internet services like Twitter and Netflix flat. In his own country, was recently a woman from Brummen in the news with her webcam, that suddenly, spontaneously to her toedraaide, and then a voice in French said: ‘Bonjour madame’. In the AD the woman says: “I was full of fear and thought for a moment that I was going crazy. I am looking at, but for how long?’. Unfortunately this incident is far from unique. On the website Shodan, that all devices with open internet access in mind, thousands of poorly secured cameras around the world, where everyone can watch. Shodan also allows the IP address and the ports open. If the user has forgotten the default login and password to modify, anyone can simply click on the device to log in and the camera take over.

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