A lot of new features to the Windows version of 1Password

Following In the footsteps of the Mac-version is now also the Windows version of 1Password a lot on the kick is gone. The popular password manager has a new interface, but also useful additional functions.

According to the creators, ensures the fresh layout, sure you faster the features can find that you are looking for. A completely redesigned bar at the side is central. The icons and the default font are also renewed, so that the whole looks a lot more contemporary looks.

Also new is 1Password Mini, a faster way to automatically on websites to log in or credit card information to enter. This tool also has support for tweestapsverificatie, so that your code will no longer need to type. Also is there a link with Windows Hello. 1Password is it to unlock with your fingerprint or through face detection.


Finally, there is integration with Have I’ve been Pwned, so that you in the program can look up your information data breaches are captured. 1Password is a month free trial, thereafter it costs a subscription of 3 euros per month. You can also choose to do a one-time license purchase, so that you do not meet the monthly costs are. You pay around 40 euro for.

Download 1Password here.

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