Venom could be rating PG-13 to increase its public

The success of the films is not measured in the amount of people that liked it, if not in the amount of money generated at the box office, because this will depend on whether it will recover the investment and if it is a good source of income; so they agreed on this, it’s like Sony has considered to change the limit of age for Venom, his new film.

The company had anticipated that the tape had a rating R, indicating that the older of 18 years on up, would be the only ones who could get to the movie theaters, but considering the issue of money and the fact of a possible crossover with Spider-Man, is that has stopped the designation of category.

The issue with the Man-Spider, is that thousands of children are those who love him, who are interested in him and in everything that relates, just as it is Venom, one of its most vociferous enemies.

Resultado de imagen para venom tom hardy

Based on this and knowing that at some point in the future, both characters can join together in a same story, it’s like Sony wants to leave the door open to this opportunity and this audience in particular.

The possible decision of Sony, has made fans begin to think that some of the scenes could be eliminated, as they tend to be graphic and violent, just as they have shown to the trailers, where the beheadings, blood, and murders dan wholesale.

We have to talk about the other symbiont, which appears in the trailer of Venom

This is not to the liking of them, because they think that it would lose the essence of Venom, who from the beginning was created to be the counterpart of Spider-Man, so that it is to be evil and violent in every sense of the word.

The dilemma Sony is in the air: have a film that meets with your own expectations or leave one to keep and expand within the Movie Universe of Marvel, what do you guys think that happens? and Partners.

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