Advantages and disadvantages of the Dual SIM

Several years ago, the smartphone with a SIM, they were the best there was, because this way you could have a stable connection with the network and hence, are able to access social networking or any type of portal you want.

However, time passes and things change or are multiplied, as is the case of the same SIM (Subscriber Identification Module), which can now use two spaces in the cell of the users.

Sounds good, double is better than one or none, but what actually is it?; there are very few people who know the advantages that this can have, so every time someone asks about the negative aspect of the so-called Dual-SIM– do not know that answer.

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But do not panic, here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages that have the two-SIM, which will cause that every time a person to question such a decision, will substantiate the answer.

Before entering fully into the good and bad, we must remember what are Dual-SIM: two SIM cards inside a smart phone, but work differently, so that people can use either of the two without problems.

Advantages of Dual SIM

Two worlds

This means that you can be present in two worlds: one labour and other staff without that cross, and especially without getting to confusing them, which is a very common situation that comes to happen to most entrepreneurs.


This point goes hand in hand with the previous one, because having two SIM will not be necessary to buy or carry two phones, because one will have everything you need to be able to communicate with different contacts.

This way you will be saving time and money, both of which are very important elements in the life of the people.

Savings plans and expenses

Savings plans means that a user can use only on one of your SIM, from a package which gives you calls, aside from the fact that it includes the messaging, and the use of the data, because that you can enable it in your another SIM; the savings is present and can be used whenever you want.

Only maintenance

When you have a mobile phone, the maintenance or composition will take place only for this, so that expenses will be reduced in any measure, so the savings can focus on other matters just as important.

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Disadvantages of the Dual SIM

Both fail

In the event that something happens to your smartphone, whether you get wet or fall, the two SIM can be damaged, which would mean that you would lose the 2 lines and hence, the communication of the two worlds: work and personal.

No help

If it happens, it is very unlikely that a phone company help to repair the damage, so the search for help and solutions depend on the self, which would mean that the money saved would have to be invested in this aspect.

Little knowledge

Despite the fact that the Dual SIM is not a new phenomenon, people continue to desconociéndolo and seeing it unlikely, as if it were a tool that no one would ever understand, so there is a lot of misinformation about it making it a little known and little used.

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