‘Sale Samsung Galaxy S9 is strongly against’

From the latest quarterly figures from Samsung shows that the Galaxy S9 is less often sold than hoped. In fact, it would be the only selling Galaxy since the S3 in 2012.

That report, among other news agency Bloomberg , on the basis of Samsung’s financial report. Samsung expects 31 million copies to sell before the year is out. The Galaxy S7 will remain the most popular device of the brand, that is, in 2016, 50 million time was sold.

Although the S9 in the first instance, just as popular as the S8 therefor, the selling the past few months actually fell. Incidentally, that Samsung does not come as a surprise. Consumers these days have less need for new phones because their old it still does well.


The company predicted that this trend likely would have effect on the sales of the Galaxy S9. It is definitely one of the best Android smartphones that you could buy, but ionze colleagues from Computer!Total brought in this Galaxy S9 review that there is little reason to upgrade if you already have a S7 or S8.

A worrisome development for the company, but that does not mean that there is still be warm. There is on the whole still quite a profit was made and even more than last year. This is due to the strong sales of other products, such as the popular ssds from Samsung.

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