VIDEO: What wins between a Tesla Models S and a Dodge Challenger SRT?

The muscle cars are an institution in motor racing and part of the DNA of the us. They are an emblem of the power and the power that the automotive engineering are capable of achieving. And now it seems to be that you could also become a monument of the past.

The submarine, Elon Musk in Thailand, what chronicle of a failure foretold?

Electric cars and sustainable used to be accused of boring, but Tesla has completely changed this idea, and shows the exercise were the experts of Wheels, that were to compete in a traditional drag race a Dodge Challenger SRT, tremendous example of the muscle cars, and a Tesla model S P100D. Past vs. Future. Then posted the graphic evidence on YouTube and are already accumulating thousands of views.

The result was conclusive and overwhelming, but it is better that you discover not to kill the suspense, even though you may already imagine.

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