VIDEO: they Say that this teaser from Samsung is your phone with folding screen

The Samsung Galaxy X, as it has been called in the rumor mill to the hypothetical (yet) phone with a folding screen from the Korean manufacturer, you can still become the first smartphone with this feature, especially if this teaser is a sign in truth of what you all think.

This is what Google offers-after the fall YouTube

And is that last week Samsung posted on their social networks a brief video teaser to promote their event to developers, the next 7 and 8 November in San Francisco. But there is one detail that has caused many to think that will be where you present your phone with the folding screen: a line bent in a “V” horizontal animated that opens and closes, just like it would look a device of this type.

The detail has caused such resonance, that even The Verge believes that the topic doesn’t sound far-fetched. Plus that would coincide with the date that we reported a few weeks ago, according to the rumors, to the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy X yet this year.

It can also be an awesome match, because the copy of the video makes sense by itself: “Where you now know what follows,” reads and that line could, in reality the head of an arrow indicating the forward movement.

According to a report from The Verge, Samsung is getting closer to show off your smartphone with folding screen, the first of a new generation of terminals of this type (Apple, Huawei, and Motorola are already working on theirs). Even the CEO of the south Korean company, DJ Koh, hinted during an interview on CNBC last September that the phone could arrive yet this year. and Partners.

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