VIDEO: The mode “Without rules” is the most fun of the FIFA 19

This September 28 will be released globally the FIFA 19, the new version of the video game of soccer more popular in the world. And perhaps one of the innovations that the audience is waiting for is the new “No rules”, a total madness where they will compete in the meet without a referee on the field, eliminating mistakes and you were place.

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In fact, the new title of EA Sports that will be released for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Nintendo, Switch, Xbox 360 and PS3 – allow you to customize which rules you want to apply and what, and even that only a certain type of goals worth with the way the “House Rules”.

This innovation has caught the attention even of sports papers, along with another idea called Survival Mode, which is like a Battle Royal in which every time one team scores a goal you will lose one of their players. The winner is the first left with 7 players on the field or the one that is with less players in their ranks after 90 minutes.

The daily Spanish sports ACE even made a demo that shows how wild they can put the matter with No Rules, so look for that to heat up engines to two weeks to reach officially FIFA 19. and Partners.

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