VIDEO: The World Beakman’s back and climbed up on his first clip to YouTube

I agreed with the new digital era, Beakman returned by the big door with your program and released the first chapter on YouTube. On this occasion, the scientific noventero is associated with the platform of Hearthstone and Project K-Boom for the new batch of episodes that will answer scientific questions of the users.

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The best thing is that the new chapters of The World of Beakman will bent to the Spanish and no less than Juan Alfonso Carralero, the voice actor who gives voice to Paul Zaloom in the original series launched in 1992, and many we saw on Channel 11.

The new season of Beakman and his adventures will be shared by the YouTube channel Hearthstone Latam during August, so be sure to be very attentive to learn science in the most fun way we know. and Partners.

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