VIDEO: is The robot Atlas doing parkour? Yes, and it is awesome

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence continue to advance rapidly, will we be prepared? While you think about it, Boston Dynamics has just released the latest multimedia edition of what is able to make its humanoid robot Atlas, and this is without a doubt the video more surprising in what is going of the project.

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This is Atlas overcoming obstacles but with human movements very dynamic, very similar to the technique used by the athletes who practice parkour, the physical discipline of overcoming urban obstacles doing stunts. A great deal of progress on your clip past.

The video is very brief, we only see a Atlas up a flight of stairs vertical very long (40 centimeters high), and for a couple of seconds, but that doesn’t take away from the amazing because they are skills never before seen in the robot and that makes it clear that the engineers from Boston Dynamics are able to move forward with the development of that prodigious machine in a relatively short time.

In the description of the video, Boston Dynamics explains that now the control software of Atlas uses the entire “body” of the robot, that is to say, coordination of legs, arms, and torso, to generate the energy required to do these maneuvers. Also make sure that uses computer vision to be positioned with respect to marks that are visible to approaching obstacles with precision. Fascinating! and Partners.

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