VIDEO: Crash in rocket Soyuz made the crew abortion the mission

The mission of the rocket Soyuz, it appeared to be like any other: it had two astronauts that would go to the International Space Station to gather information for six months, however, everything changed when a failure in the rocket forced the band to abort the mission.

The astronauts who traveled inside the rocket, were Alexey Ovchinin, Russian federal Space Agency, and Nick Hague of NASA, who by the way would have his first trip to the Station; both had experience in this type of flights, so when they realized that something was wrong, reacted immediately.

The bug that made it back to the earth, it originated in one of the four thrusters that has the rocket Soyuz for speed, which made the shuttle toward orbit, it could not be done in the right way.

Fortunately, this accident gave to a good height, because of being in orbit, the astronauts could not have initiated the emergency protocols, and therefore, would not be alive.

In the video, that already circulates on the social networks, you can notice the abrupt movements that have Ovchinin and the Hague before they could activate the system of parachutes that did land safe and sound in the city of Dzhezkazgan in Kazakhstan.

NASA seeks to commercialize their missions to do with ads?

The theory that was unleashed after this ruling, was that Russia was not making good rockets and, therefore, its aeronautical industry was at risk, but there is still a lot to investigate and fix, because it is clear that this type of situation cannot be repeated. and Partners.

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