VIDEO: they Filter the first images of Fortnite for Android

The arrival of Fortnite Android devices has given a lot to talk about. Between that if you arrive in the exclusive for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, that there is already a list of the first devices that will be able to download the game and the imminent fact that is not found in the Google Play Store, the expectation is growing.

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Now the experts of XDA Developers have just put a circular which, they say, are the first images of how will look the interface of Fortnite, the phenomenon created by Epic Games, on Android devices.

They did it through a video on YouTube where for nearly six minutes to make a gameplay. The clip comes with a story somewhat disappointing that the game will not be available for mobile rooteados, nor can you use APKs to get it before the end of the exclusive to Samsung, at least so says the specialized site and Partners.

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