VIDEO: SpotMini dance to ‘Uptown Funk’ and doing the moonwalk of Michael Jackson

Boston Dynamics continues to make progress with its robotics. Just few days ago we speak to you of their robot Atlas doing parkour , and now the american company of technology just upload a new one in which it appears SpotMini, his mechanical dog, dancing the success of Bruno Mars, ‘Uptown Funk’, and even doing the epic Moownwalk of Michael Jackson.

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Have not been 24 hours since that Boston Dynamics went up the clip, and have already logged nearly 3 million views and counting. And is that the truth gets a lot of attention to what he is now able to do SpotMini, whose evolution has been remarkable since its debut in June of 2016.

SpotMini has 17 joints, that is what allows you to move around the space with the ability that you see in the video. Measures 84 inches and weighs apareas 30 kilos. Integra, in addition to a 3D vision system, camera depth, and other sensors that allow it to avoid obstacles with much expertise. and Partners.

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