VIDEOS: mariachi Elon Musk presented his flamethrower that is not a flamethrower

Have a flamethrower in your portfolio of products is a luxury that only a few visionaries can be given, for example, Elon Musk, who yesterday officially unveiled the device that throws fire, but which officially is not a flamethrower. In fact named “Not a Flamethrower” (Not a heat gun) to avoid legal issues.

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That, of course, did not stop her from thing was a big celebration in which even a mariachi there. And is handed over to the first 1,000 devices created by The Boring Company, another of the companies of Musk, a highly experimental.

This first installment will be part of a limited edition of 20,000 “no flamethrower” that will produce the company and also will be delivered during these days. The same Musk he was posting on Twitter several aspects of your own celebration.

He also made some suggestions about the potential uses to which the device of The Boring Company may have, such as turning on fireplaces or to start barbecues, although he also suggested to throw the device in case you do not have firewood, so that we can count on that not what he did very seriously.

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