VIDEOS: The fearsome image of Hurricane Michael by Florida

The force of nature reminded us again how small we are. It didn’t matter how many precautions he took for the most powerful country in the world, the passage of Hurricane Michael, with their category 4 and sustained winds of up to 250 kilometers per hour, left at least 13 people were killed (5 in Virginia, 4 in Florida, 3 in North Carolina and 1 in Georgia), according to a report in CNN.

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Was also recorded as the storm more powerful in impact Northwest Florida in more than 100 years, and to believe it, just watch the videos of the destruction left. Most were taken by the inhabitants of the regions hit, in addition to a tour helicopter made by local media.

Michael downgraded to Tropical Storm as it continues its step into the u.s. territory. To continue with the documentation, we’ve compiled some of the videos portray the powerful Hurricane in its contact with earth and the scene of destruction that he left. Also and Partners.

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