Celebrate ten years of Chrome with these ten top tips

Google is the reason for a party, because the Chrome browser exists for 10 years! And with success, in the meantime Chrome has grown to be the browser choice for tight 70 percent of internet users worldwide. Did you know these ten tips already?

Set up multiple home pages

Default start Chrome with a virtually empty tab, including Google search bar and a list of some of the sites that you visit regularly. You can also make sure that your favorite websites will open as soon as you start the browser. Rule this under Settings (chrome://settings/), On startup. At A specific page or set of pages open , run now the the desired sites.

The faster settings

Now in one click to the settings screen? Go to chrome://settings/ and drag the url to the bookmarks bar. You now have a bookmark created for the settings screen, that makes a difference now, one click. You can see the bookmarks bar is not? Press Ctrl + Shift + B to quickly appear.


How do you efficiently with all your open tabs? Well, for example, by Ctrl + a number key to press to quickly between tabs to switch. Tabs that you want to keep open, you can put away with a right click of the mouse: pin Tab. They move to the left and take up a lot less space. Accidentally a tab is closed? With Ctrl + Shift + T to open him again.

Site shortcut on desktop

Just as you have on your pc shortcuts to frequently used files and folders, so you can also sites a separate shortcut. Go to the site in question and press the top-right on the balls. Under the More tools you will see the option Quick create link. Click this to create a shortcut to the site on your desktop.

More control over downloads

By default, files are saved automatically in the Downloads folder on your pc. Would you prefer to choose another folder, then take a look at the options under chrome://settings/downloads. Pressure further during the download on Ctrl + J to see exactly how long the download takes. You forget where the file was saved, find it in this list and click Show in folder.

Fast your browsing history erase

In Chrome, your browsing history within two clicks to remove by the following method. First, press Control-Shift-Delete. A popup window will open in which you as the browsing history, cookies and files in the cache are removed. More options are found under Advanced. So see the people with whom you share a computer, which sites you have visited.

Surf incognito

You can so later you clear history, but it is easier if you go up it leaves no trace. That can be in the incognito mode of Chrome. Open an incognito window with Ctrl + Shift + N. There is this session no history, cookies also will not saved. Incidentally, to work around you, not trackers on websites.

Open task manager

Chrome takes the various browser components (such as tabs and extensions) in separate processes. There is a special task manager window, for, as you know from Windows. In Chrome to get to it via Shift + Escape. You can also see which components are the most memory questions. Is your browser slow, then consider using these processes manually here to stop.

Decide what you want to sync

By in Chrome to login with your Google account, you can get things like bookmarks, passwords, internet history and more let you synchronize with other devices – like your mobile phone. By default everything is synced, but you can also have individual choices to make. Go to chrome://settings/syncSetup and tick on/off what you do/don’t want to take over.

Test the newest features first

New Chrome versions do not readily fall out of the sky. First, they are thoroughly tested for stability, so bugs in time to be detected. This is done in a test version of the browser that Chrome Canary is called, and that you just can install it yourself. So if you test the latest features first. The browser runs separately from your regular Chrome browser, so much can eventually not go wrong…

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