#Viraland “Shut up old lesbian” and check the source of the dinomemes

We’ve all seen one, or heard your phrase magna: “Shut up old lesbian”, but have you ever wondered where they come from, these memes prehistoric affectionately have nicknamed dinomemes.

#Viraland Video of a bear climbing up is not inspiring, but very cruel, claim experts

As all train viral, dinomemes and their fun collections have an origin and, as we had advance Target in your #ReporteUnocero of a couple of weeks ago, the images that are the body for these incisors memes come from a game called Jurassic Park Builder, a game mobile to Facebook in that users create their own parks jurassic like the movies.

But not enough of these images of dinosaurs to exploit the viral phenomenon only, had to put these pointed attacks phrases that gave the ingredient “faltoso” that social networks both appreciate, with its maximum representation in the “Shut up old lesbian”. And according to a report by the portal Verne of The Country, this shift is what we need to the page of Facebook called “Shitpost prehistoric” that not only brings together the entire collections of dinomemes, but it continues to innovate with this train viral even with new ideas who are not using Jurassic Park Builder.

There is also another FB page that has positioned itself as one of the maximum responsible of the dinomemes. In fact, several of the images that circulate bearing the marks of water. Sure, you’ve noticed the credit of “Lizards slugs”.

And well, as these dinomemes have a life of their own, do not forget that have now evolved to a new stage which are collections of videos of a t-rex dancing with a musical background and that, in fact, have different letters. There are some even in technology.

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