#Viraland The tuitazos by the “resurrection” of Juan Gabriel are “eternal love”

The news agenda has mysterious ways, no doubt. Now the news that the exmánager of John Gabriel, a mr. Joaquín Muñoz, says that the death of one of the greatest mexican artists was a simulation, which in reality is alive and back in December, it has become one of the topics, but is that THE THEME of the day.

It passed! The tuitazos by the “plagiarism” among finalists of logos for CDMX

Or mode, so it behaves the information sometimes, and we’re not going to how to debate in the area of showbiz, which does not correspond to us. What touches us is monitoring, assessing and reporting on the phenomena viral on social networks, and John Gabriel returned to activate the machinery that only Twitter with their tuitazos can give us.

Then hundreds of users have been directed to the social network of the bird celeste to pour their reactions by tremendous “shock news” and in #Viraland you we’ve compiled some of the best, because although “we have no money”, we have a lot of good humor to give.

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