#Viraland videos more satisfactory of the famous crusher

The crusher is an industrial machine super viral Social Network that is dedicated to shattering all the objects. Her success has earned her several YouTube channels, do more experiments testing their potential, from everyday items or groceries, to expensive devices.

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Their destructive power, ironically, is so satisfactory, that serves as a kind of therapy, and many times they are mesmerizing for their repetitive motion, and constant. His background in social networks date back to 2015, but since then returns with some frequency, and always builds up dozens, if not hundreds, of thousands of views.

That is why it has become one of the most recurrent in social networks with videos that are creative with the list of objects that are undone, we bring you some of the most memorable moments in the first edition of #Viraland, your monitor the best of everything that it becomes massive in Social Networks.

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