Vulnerability in iOS 12 allows third parties to access your contacts and photos

The list of imperfections of the not so newly released iOS 12 was a sum quite dangerous. According to a report from the website specialized in Apple products, Applemania, a new vulnerability was discovered in the operating system made in Cupertino that allows you to access the contacts and photos of what iPhone you have it installed, using any iPhone XS.

According to the report, the vulnerability arises in the app VoiceOver, some of its features allow any user of an iPhone XS access to contacts and photos.

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YouTube user Jose Rodriguez, a well-known “infiltrator” – tech posted a video in which he explains how you can exploit this vulnerability, referred to as a bypass of code access, which leaves the iPhone vulnerable even when locked.

It should be noted that the process is quite complicated and will require quite a few operations, in addition to some time, get the access.

How to protect yourself from this vulnerability?

It is almost a fact that Apple will implement a patch for this vulnerability in their updates to the iOS 12, but if you are very nervous and did not want to take risks, keep Siri turned off (the function that “reads” aloud has to be on the screen for it to work the attack) while the phone is unlocked, it is enough to prevent malicious attempts to work. and Partners.

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