Passwords of the Dutch public on the new site

A Dutch hacker under the pseudonym d0gberry launches later today a website on which the stolen login data of 3.3 million people become insightful. The terms of addresses and corresponding passwords.

Writes in the Newspaper today, after the newspaper by the hacker himself was informed. The data are not new, but coming from data breaches from the past – including LinkedIn, Dropbox and PlayStation.

Also, there are plenty of mail addresses of employees of companies in, o.a. of banks, schools, and news sites. Other data are derived from employees within government agencies, such as the UWV and the Ministry of Defence.

First three letters

The information was already previously on the site Have I’ve been Pwned. The difference with the new search engine of the Dutch soil is that the only Dutch data, and in addition to the e-mail addresses, also the first three letters of the password.

Everyone can therefore figure out how to get passwords to start, and easier to guess what the full passwords. Passwords which is the most leaked, ‘12345’, ‘welcome’, ‘welkom01’ and yes, ‘password’.

Earlier it was announced that the Dutch regularly their passwords reuse. Nice and easy to remember, maare the danger is that hackers also only one password is required to to break.

Now what?

The fact that your data is stolen in case of a puncture, you can unfortunately not do much. The sites and services where you have an account, had in the past, their safety is not in order. But that doesn’t mean you throw in the towel having to sit.

What can you do if you find in this list? In any case, as soon as possible your passwords change. In addition, you can for your accounts tweestapsverficatie set. Than have attackers with only your password is not enough to break in.

Read here how you tweestapsverificatie set for o.a. your Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft account.

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