Western Digital announces that it will manufacture hard drives 40 TB using microwave

Last Wednesday, Western Digital announced that as of 2019 will begin the mass manufacture of its new discs using the technology of magnetic recording microwave assisted (MAMR, for its acronym in English), but already in 2018 will provide functional prototypes to business customers for the evaluate. This new system hopes to be able to reach the 4 terabits per square inch over time and, according to WD, the 3.5-inch disks could reach the 40 TB around the year 2025.

The problem faced by manufacturers of hard disks is the need to not only reduce the space required by each of the magnetic beads that stored the information, but also the head that writes. With current technologies the only way to reduce the size of the head would also reduce the energy required for change of state every bit of data, but that would make the disk much more unstable and prone to failures, making it easier to accidentally change the state of each bit. Therefore, companies have long studied techniques to help a small head can write the data without reducing the threshold energy required to achieve it.

Western Digital claims to be investing in two ways to solve this problem. The first would use heat to assist in the recording, but you need to employ temperatures of 650 degrees celsius and that affects the reliability of the magnetic medium, the printhead and the material. So to achieve that is functional, according to WD, it would be necessary new materials in each element and a new manufacturing process. In contrast, the incorporation of a microwave has been able to be made with manufacturing processes that is already used by the company, and sealed in a helium atmosphere, hence it has been the technology that has first come to production.

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