WeTransfer is updated on Android and completely change its design and operation

One of the most used applications to transfer large files quickly and easily is WeTransfer, which had different designs on Android and iOS until yesterday, because the application has been updated, revamping its interface and functionality.

In terms of design, WeTransfer is much more similar to the iOS version, is the predominant color, white background, now it is much more minimalist and it remains just as easy to use, with the difference that you can now create “tables” or “boards” to always have on hand what you send.

What does this mean?, before each time that you were sending the files, created a download link, which is sent to one or several contacts by email, you can now create tables and save them to send the same files in the future and not have to re-send, it is as if you are going to create shipping packages that you can send multiple times in the future.

The transfer of files has also changed, which greatly improves the user experience and performance, as now once you select the files and the share to generate the download link that you can send through WhatsApp, email and any other application available to share the league, that is to say, since you’re not limited to sharing the league by e-mail as was the case before.

3 applications with which you will be able to share files without losing quality

Once you send the league files will begin to be uploaded to the cloud in the background, and you can see them all when you finish the climb, and that is before you first went up the files and then shared, a situation that is not liked to many users.

The new version of WeTransfer is now available on Android and iOS with the new layout and functions in both operating systems.

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