WhatsApp adds function to retrieve media files deleted

Although WhatsApp is the messaging application most used in the world, many will agree that there is the most complete on the market, and that is gradually falling behind in more options such as a Telegram, however, the developers are working on new interesting features, although many of them are not even announced officially, as is the new feature available for devices Android.

It has surely past that if you delete a photo, GIF, video, or voice note from WhatsApp on your phone, the app no longer allows you to download that file again after a certain time, launching an on-screen message that says “please Ask them to contact you back to send the file”, this is because the image, GIF or video is not already available in the application servers.

As mentioned WABetaInfo, the users of WhatsApp on Android could download the multimedia files sent in chat for 30 days after being sent, since after this time WhatsApp deleted files on the server to not saturate them.

Fortunately the company has made a change, and extended the stay of the media files on the servers so that users can re-download the content.

As mentioned the source, this update was deployed to the Android users between the versions 2.18.106 and 2.18.110, and not have to make some adjustment in special to enjoy this feature.

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In my case (with version 2.18.113), I have tried to make the download of media files with up to 5 months after you posted, and while I’ve had to try 2 times, the download has been successful, however, if I try to do it with older files I have not had success.

In WABetaInfo, mention that they have only been able to download multimedia with up to 3 months after you sent the file, so it is likely that the downloadable content will vary by user.

This is not a revolutionary function, but it is a feature that is thanks to the development team of the application, because on several occasions I have deleted media files from my phone after I cannot go back to see, because they had been removed from the server after 30 days that WhatsApp kept him in his back.

If you don’t have any of these versions installed on your device, and you want to know how you can become a beta user to get access to the latest news of WhatsApp before everyone else, here’s how to do it step by step.

What do you think of this new feature?

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