WhatsApp adds a feature that allows you to select who can write in groups

The messaging service WhatsApp has set a new configuration that allows administrators of the groups will be able to choose who is enabled to send messages, similar to the function that already presents Telegram.

During the last few months, WhatsApp has introduced new features in the groups, such as ‘catch up’, administrator controls, search participants, or descriptions of the group, as explained by the company in a statement published on his blog.

WhatsApp has added a new option that allows administrators to restrict who can send messages to groups. In this regard, the company explained that one of the reasons why users use the platform to stay informed about certain ads that are relevant, reason by which WhatsApp has created such a function for administrators.

To activate this feature, the user must press on ‘Info. of the group’ and enter the ‘Settings group’, in order to subsequently open the ‘Send message’ and select ‘administrators Only’.

The option is available to all users who have the latest version of the ‘app’.

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