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WhatsApp Messenger is the Mobile Android / IOS where you can send messages and share photos with friends and family by sending data thru internet from device to device. But what if you want to keep tracking of what your partner is chatting on Whatsapp? Or your Children? or lets better say Anyone.  WhatsApp Hack tool is the tool that allows you to effortlessly do it. WhatsApp Hack eliminates any searching, stress, and doubts you might have. It allows you to read all conversations without any problems. Follow from a remote site anonymously. And also receive emails of each chat session. Unfortuntly we have not managed yet to sent give direct chat sessions. This tool will send you an email every 120 Minutes with all chat sessions from all users that where opened and or closed on the Whatsapp Application. We do recommend to open a email account just for this purposes and also to the Clear history of this on your web browser to prevent getting caught.

WhatsApp Hacking comes with many interesting features that literally gives you complete control over any phone you want to track. In addition, the user will never know because WhatsApp Hack runs in the background of the device.

WhatsApp Hacking tool simply makes a copy of the conversations in plain text. This are things that usually requires some advanced networking tools and expertise can now be done in a simple stir a button using WhatsApp Hacking.

WhatsApp Hacking has several features that make it easy to “see” talks WhatsApp on any phone number you want to follow.

Tracking Family Activities: If you have teenage children and are afraid that they might have problems with the wrong friends then our WhatsApp Hack tool will have total control of chats for you to get ahead of his/her secret plans. Just install WhatsApp Hack your son or daughter’s phone and get to see what they’re up to. If it is on drugs, truancy, or any other nuisance activity, to their plans, and in time to prevent spoiled. WhatsApp Hack WhatsApp Hack also shows how often they miss school.

Keep spying your partner is a very honorable thing. However, you have credible reasons to suspect your partner. For example, if your partner spends most of his/her free time chatting on the phone, you certainly will have reasons to be concerned about. With WhatsApp Hack, you can get all your worries to rest by interfering with your conversations.  Once installed WhatsApp Hack, it will run in the background of the phone and secretly copy all chats from their WhatsApp. You then have the evidence you need to net a lover is unfaithful.

WhatsApp Hack is useful if you need to find the suspect. Activities of a family member or partner It should not be used to spy malignant.
WhatsApp Hacking is already possible

As you may know, WhatsApp Application can end conversations to an email address. Here is where Whatsapp Hack tool is going to play the biggest role. All anonymously without showing any information or changes in settings. 100% safe for long term.

Simple and stable Whatsapp Hack Tool 2014 that is Easy to use and no technical problems.


How to Get started?


  1. Download File
  2. Might show a message from antivirus just ignore since this is trustable but .exe file
  3. Run/Install named Whatsapp Hack Tool
  4. Open new desktop Item named BETRINA and Enter password 1234.
  5. Now you have access to the program select Device Android or IOS ( Showing on Image Above )
  6. Enter Email Address where you want to receive the chat conversations on
  7. Click on ” Start Hack” ( this will automatically update the folder Whatsapp on the Android or Ios Device )
  8. Wait while it tells you finished ( 1 – 2 Minutes )
  9. Disconnect Device
  10. Enjoy!     Check your Mail address provided after 12o Minutes.


Download Whatsapp hack/cheat tool 2017 – No Survey – Click the Download button below to Start: 


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