Whatsapp and social networks, the more stress it causes to the Spanish

The arrival of the new communication technologies such as social networks also influence the everyday life of the people, and tools such as the messaging applications are the most stress provoke in the users, who answer 75% of the messages at the moment.

The observatory of the centers Nascia on technology and stress has drawn up a list with the applications that cause highest stress levels in the Spanish population using mobile devices, and puts all of the messaging apps as the most stressful, followed by social networks and email.

Above others, these applications generate additional stress among the users of mobile devices to the point that it disrupts sleep schedules, healthy eating habits and daily habits, according to the study of Nascia, based on the experiences of the patients.

Instant messaging applications are those that occupy the first position in the ranking, because currently the users answer to 75% of the messages they receive at the time. The Spanish spend at least one hour a day responding to messages.

As it has been assured Nascia, it is understood that “no reply means ignore the other person and there is a need for self-imposed” response, even though it is an obligation that comes from the users themselves and it is possible to answer at another time.

Other applications that compete for this first position are the social networks. Up to two times a day is the average in which the spaniards rise publications in each social network. This is due both to the necessity of being informed as of what is done and to seek approval, according to the study.

After messaging and social networks, it places the e-mail. Checking the mail is a task that the spaniards make a minimum of two times a day, according to the study, which attributed this phenomenon both to labor needs as to the curiosity.

The research of Nascia concludes by making reference to the relationship between the stress and the lack of interaction, highlighting that 55% of the population has the need to be connected and can be identified as ‘addicted’. Within ten years the cases by stress technological triple the existing today, according to the company.

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