Win a Power Bank Wireless 8000 (QI) Wave of Xtorm

For many years, micro-usb the standard for charging mobile phones. But with the advent of usb-c and wireless charging is slowly but surely changing, and producers of powerbanks jumping in there great.

Take the Power Bank Wireless 8000 (QI) Wave of Xtorm. Qi is the technique that is applied for charging without cable. Among other things, the premium iPhones and Galaxy phones support this.But there are also two usb ports and a usb-c connector, for other devices that you (possibly at the same time) want to charge. The suggested retail price is 69 euro.

Have? !

Of Xtorm, we should be three times a Power Bank Wireless 8000 (QI) Wave to give away. Chance make? Please leave here your details.

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