“Windows 10 is now more popular than Windows 7”

Microsoft has almost three years had to struggle hard for, but there turning worldwide are now more computers in Windows 10 than in Windows 7. The market share of Windows 10 through Windows 7 last month for the first time.

That appears, at least according to new figures from StatCounter. Of all Windows users is now running 42,78% Windows 10, across 41,86% on Windows 7. According to competitor Netmarketshare is Windows 7 understand much more at the head, with a market share of 42,39 percent compared 34,29 percent for Windows 10.


Both parties measure in different ways, so the results will backfire. Yet it is also at the figures from Netmarketshare show that Windows 10-use steadily grows. In december, Microsoft announced that 600 million devices now run on. In half a year time there were 100 million users.

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