“Windows 10 October-update can spontaneously delete files

Different Windows 10 users who have the October update already installed, noticed then that personal files have mysteriously disappeared. How that occurs is still not clear, and whether they ever look back, is the question.

The site MSPoweruser pulls upon the bell, after the online multiple complaints about appearance, among other things, on Twitter, Reddit and the Microsoft forum. It comes to the files that are to be found within the default Users folder on the C:/-schijf that is to say, Documents, Pictures, Music, Downloads, et cetera.

One of the affected users reported that the update is a whopping 220 GB of data has been removed, a collection of 23 years of files on it. “Something I have never experienced before and I use since 1995 products of Microsoft,” writes one.


The size of the problem is not yet exactly known, and also Microsoft has not yet responded. Testers of the operating system (Insiders), there are already more blow to me. Whatever the reason, it is recommended for the installation of the Windows 10 October-update first to make a backup of your files, especially when they are in C:\Users\[user name].

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