“Windows 10 S is replaced by S-mode’

Microsoft takes probably soon to be again, farewell Windows 10’s as a stand-alone Windows version. Existing variants of Windows such as Home and Pro get a S-mode in the first place.

Windows 10’s was last year revealed as the counterpart of Chrome OS. There were several laptops from here on were running, mainly in the budget segment. Main difference with the full Windows 10-versions is that you can only apps you can install from the Microsoft Store, other programs will be blocked.

Here you can read more about the pros and cons of Windows 10’s.

Within Windows 10’s, there was always the option at a cost of a few tens to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. From leaked internal documents , it would appear that most users (60 per cent) not for would choose. Those who do, do so generally within 24 hours after purchase of a Windows 10’s device.


In the same documents mention is made of an S-mode to replace the Windows 10 S. This would be particularly in the costs of care for the Windows 10 Home-users. A Windows 10 Home pc in S-mode would be free to upgrade to the full version of Windows 10 Home. Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Pro would be money to continue to cost.

Windows 10 in S-mode is not yet officially published, so it is still wait and see how, for example, laptopfabrikanten it will offer. It also seems that you yourself can choose to the S-mode if you are already at a ‘normal’ Windows 10 version. Many programs don’t work anymore, but therefore, you would be better protected against malware.

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