Xiaomi launches officially its new brand of phones Pocophone

In the weeks since it comes to concocting lies information on the brand new smartphone of Xiaomi call Pocophone, which it seems it is a brand focused on launching high-end equipment with affordable prices, there are even those who mention who will be the direct rival of OnePlus, one of the most popular smartphones with an excellent quality/price ratio.

The specifications of the Pocophone F1, which apparently will be the first smartphone of the brand leaked a few days ago, all thanks to its Bluetooth qualification, where as mentioned the phone will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, dual camera of 12 + 5 MP, front camera of 20 MP and Android with MIUI 10.

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Has been the day when Jai Mani, Product Manager, Pocophone announced that the new brand started operations in India, where the official name for this country will be ”Little by Xiaomi”, where he makes it clear that this is a new project for smartphones with a great power and technologies that are important to consumers.

The account of Xiaomi India wished him success Jai Mani and the whole team of Pocophone for this new adventure, however, neither Xiaomi nor Jai Mani have given some detail about the new smartphone of this brand.

It is a fact that Pocophone will be a brand that will be marketed internationally, but for the moment, we do not know the countries where the brand new smartphone from Xiaomi will have a presence, though what is a fact is that it will begin marketing its new products in India.

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