Xiaomi could buy a GoPro very soon

Surely many of you will know GoPro, the american company that develops, produces, and sells personal cameras, high definition, used in recordings and the taking of photos in extreme sports, although, of course, can be used for any situation.

After great positioning in the market, the company decided to enter the sector of the drones, but that’s not turned out as planned. Even, the shares of the company fell 36 percent.

Now, everything seems to indicate that Xiaomi, the chinese manufacturer of appliances and smartphones, you might be interested in buying a GoPro. Nick Woodman, CEO of GoPro, at some point, I had commented that he was open to any kind of negotiation, and with the bad season that has had the company lately, it is likely that very soon the realization of this purchase.

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According to The Information, Xiaomi could be given a billion dollars by the operation based on the price Hewlett Packard paid for Palm in 2010. GoPro came to be valued at $ 10 billion, but its market value fell in biblical proportions, as it now is of 761 million.

If Xiaomi were to buy a GoPro, he could claim fully to the company for which together provide excellent products based on the main philosophy of the chinese manufacturer: great quality at very affordable prices.

Xiaomi currently has with action cameras that cost up to three times less than the GoPro products, so the combination of the two brands could be of great interest to those who are interested in sports photography and action.

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How’d you like that GoPro was acquired by Xiaomi?

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