XR1-chip Qualcomm specifically for virtual reality

Qualcomm is working on a new chip for virtual reality glasses, the Snapdragon XR1. This will be applied in headsets that work without a pc or a smartphone, and so a processor should be.

The company developed earlier chips for virtual and augmented reality. That you can find back in the Oculus Go and Vive Focus of HTC. It is striking that the XR1 here is not a more powerful version of, but less fast specifications. Therefor is chosen to headsets that run, cheaper to be able to offer.

Virtual reality is not yet widely caught on, in part because it is an expensive investment. You have an expensive headset, together with a fast pc, or a recent smartphone. You are soon hundreds, then not more than 1000 euro poorer. With the recently unveiled Oculus Go that, however, is already on sale for 219 euro.

Freedom of movement

The XR1 platform is optimized for 3DoF, an acronym that stands for 3 degrees of freedom. That means that you can look around virtual reality but can’t walk around. This is 6DoF required. Advanced VR glasses for pc are right on the money, they can by means of external cameras position in a space to determine. You step into the real side, then you do that in vr also.

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