XS4All shares webcamschuifjes out to customers

Customers of XS4All are playful about their online security updated. By mail, they received two webcamschuifjes, to onlookers outside the door.

It is for cyber criminals very easy to use webcams for you to look within, because these cameras are often not very well protected. They run on outdated software, or are equipped by default with a password that easy to guess.

Many privacy-conscious laptop owners paste their camera like with a piece of tape. A slider is what’s neater and is more convenient to use when you regularly videobelt. They fit about the general the best on a laptop-camera.

More tips

The slides from XS4All are part of a wider online campaign, where more subjects. Thus, the provider with tips in the area of phishing, the firewall options of the Fritz!Box-router, password management and backup.

The ministry of Justice and Security started recently a similar campaign. Cybersecurity is an important topic where there are still too many people lax in his, revealed in a new report from the AIVD.

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