What if Samsung buys Spotify?

During the presentation of the new Galaxy Note 9 Samsung introduced a couple of surprises that nobody had referred to, on the one hand its new Galaxy Watch, and on the other your new speaker smart Galaxy Home, which not only will hit the market to stand up to the Google Home, HomePod and Amazon Echo, but also will come with an ace under the sleeve, a partnership with Spotify, the music streaming service most used in the world.

The very Daniel EK, CEO and founder of Spotify, was at the event, and it was he who announced the alliance with the south Korean company in the long term, something that without a doubt both companies needed.

How will this alliance to Apple Music and YouTube Music?

Recently we met that Apple Music had finally exceeded the number of paying users of Spotify in the united States, and a large part of this success is thanks to the iPhone, since Apple’s Music comes pre-installed on the phones of the company, and in fact it works much better there than in Android, so many users end up trying out and staying with Apple Music.

If we further consider that Apple indulges and gives advantages to Apple Music over Spotify on iOS, as the Swedish company for streaming you should find a powerful ally in the Android, and go that it has found.

Daniel EK at the conference of Samsung.

With Samsung as its partner Spotify will already have their “own” phone, then the Galaxy will be the smartphones which will have Spotify installed from the factory, something that will help the company to increase the number of users, especially if we consider that Samsung is the brand that more smartphones sold per year around the world.

It is likely that users of a Galaxy also have access to special promotions, discounts and up to exclusive features on Spotify, maybe in a test version, maybe not, but unique features to final accounts.

How much money earn the musicians in Spotify, Apple’s Music and other streaming services

Why not bet on YouTube Music?, Google wants to conquer the streaming of music with a new and interesting product as it is YouTube Music, and their relationship with Samsung is very good, in fact there was a time where phones Samsung came with Google Play Music installed from the factory, and had a radio function exclusive to the united States.

The situation is that at this moment Google has its Pixel, and if you want you can include YouTube Music as a Google App mandatory for manufacturers, although it seems that the idea of the big G is not going out there, and on the other hand, Samsung have wanted bet by the most popular service, because not even Apple Music and YouTube Music together, they might equal the number of subscribers of Spotify.

Google will have to find the way to popularize your service, because with Samsung as a great ally of Spotify, things get a bit more complicated.

Spotify, a possible purchase option

Samsung is one of the technology companies more powerful today, according to the latest report from Global 500 conducted by consultancy firm Brand Finance, Samsung is the fourth most valuable company in the world behind only Amazon, Apple and Google, even though other analysts believe that Samsung is under Microsoft, Facebook, and Tencent, but without leaving the top 10 list of most valuable brands on the planet.

Samsung has shown that if you need to purchase a company makes, already did the same with Harman Kardon, a company that allowed him to use the technology of AKG, which is just the brand behind the Galaxy Home, so that Samsung might consider buying Spotify in the future.

Spotify has spent years losing more than you win, and that is that the world of streaming music is a bit complicated, especially for a company like Spotify, which don’t have coffers full of money as Apple or Google, but that Samsung (although less than the companies mentioned above) if you can offer.

I’m not saying that Samsung is going to be giving money to Spotify, but surely will benefit economically. The company increased yesterday its shares on the stock exchange by 0.9%, and their future announcements and releases in conjunction with Samsung could improve the value of their actions, something that without a doubt he would be very good to Spotify.

It is also not unknown for anyone that Samsung wants to take the throne to Apple in all senses, in the sale of phones is achieving this, in the innovation of their equipment also, but there are still a few products where Apple leaves behind to Samsung, and one of them is the streaming of music.

Samsung pulls the crown from Apple, the new smartphone sold in the world is the…

Samsung tried it at some point with your own application known as Samsung Milk, which sure you don’t remember because it was not successful and you also departed the united States, so that Spotify is the service that Samsung has never been able to have.

Spotify does not need to be on the brink of collapse to which Samsung you purchase, you simply must demonstrate to the Korean company which can be a trump card that works for the company to give a new and hard blow to Apple with its music streaming service, especially if you want your Galaxy Home take more of a role, because Bixby will be the control center of your speaker intelligent, and this wizard will also have special functions with Spotify, which we will meet later.

Not if Samsung is going to buy Spotify, but it is a possibility, especially since Samsung wants to be at the level of Apple and Google, that is to say, a company that controls its hardware and software, so we should not be surprised if later bet by relying on minimal form of Google.

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