Already circulating the first images of ‘Wonder Woman ‘ 1984’

The unexpected success that had the new franchise, the Wonder Woman film was reason enough to make a sequel to the film original premiered in 2017. It will be called ‘Wonder Woman ‘ 1984’ and will be starring the beautiful Gail Gadot (his fourth film as the rider) and directed by Patty Jenkins, the winning formula of the first.

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Now the same Jenkins began to circulate on Twitter the first images of the film and the first big surprise is that Steve Trevor, the brave american soldier of the Second World War, played by Chris Pine, it will appear in the sequel, despite the fact that his character dies in the film above.

In addition, judging by the attire of Trevor and the people that surrounds it, will be back in the same temporal space of the film and not a Flashback. How will you do to carry Steve out of the 40’s to the 80’s and relive it? That is a mystery.

In the other picture we see Diana Prince, A. K. A., The Wonder Woman, standing in front of a master of television, with kinescope, and some of the most iconic images of the 80 series as “Dallas,” the iconic take-offs from NASA, the famous colored bands of vertical pre-programming, etc

The details of the plot are still being held in total reserves, although it is speculated that the heroin will be immersed in the Cold War, in a context of conflict with the Soviet Union and the main villain would be Cheetah (Kristen Wiig).

The cast has also been confirmed the participation of the chilean Pedro Pascal and its premiere is scheduled for November 1, 2019 in the united States.

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