It’s already arrived! Amazon launches Alexa for Windows 10

Today there is good news for users of Amazon, because it has been known that Alexa can now be downloaded on all computers with Windows 10.

According to Amazon, the option to download virtual assistant for PC is available at the official store of Microsoft at the same time.

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Although it seems to be that all is not well, as there are still details that should be polished like the fact that Alexa is not available in castilian Spanish, despite the fact that in the devices that they have just arrived in Mexico happens the opposite.

Perhaps the latter is due to the fact that for the time being, Alexa, for Windows 10 only available in the united States, the United Kingdom and Germany.

#UnoceroBits: Everything you need to know of the arrival of Alexa to Mexico

Also, this the fact that not all computers with Windows 10 may have the voice command, since there are some that are not compatible with the wizard, however, those who are can enjoy all the actions offered by Alexa, such as:

  • Make reminders, timers and alarms
  • Create lists
  • Make and remember appointments in the calendar
  • Receive news
  • Play music and podcast

For the moment, the other countries that are not already listed, you will receive a Alexa in its Windows 10 until the next year with more and better functions. and Partners.

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