Now you can share the Instagram Stories at the pure style of the ‘RT’

Instagram Stories still making their own rules in favour of its users. Now from this may 17, you can use a new feature to share posts from your friends, brands or celebrities that you follow, directly in your Stories.

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The new native function to do “regram” was announced in February. Now, after a few months of waiting, the feature is finally available, so that you can start to use it.

How does it work?

When you see a photo you like, simply tap the icon of airplane paper that appears below the photo. This icon serves to send this post in a direct message, but with this update you will see an option that says “Create a story with this post”.

You only have to touch that option and it will create a story that will have the publication you have chosen. You can rotate, scale and move this post as if it were a sticker. Obviously you can also add text, gifs, tags, hashtags and modify the background of the story.

All the stories made in this way will bear the name of the user who has created for the record of who the author is, and keep in mind that only you will be able to use the content of the people that have your account Instagram in public mode.

It is important to clarify that this is a new feature in Instagram Stories only serves to publications of public accounts. If you don’t want anyone to walk by sharing your posts, then you can disable the option to share your posts.

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