You can now download the public beta of the iOS 12 and we’ll tell you how to

If you feel like taking risks this summer, came your chance, because Apple finally put it free to download the beta public iOS 12 and also installing it is easy, we just have to warn you that, while there were two betas for developers, it’s almost a fact that the operating system will be riddled with bugs, so make sure to make a backup prior to and during your experience.

Facebook Messenger will be able to translate conversations automatically

As announced by Apple during the WWDC 2018, several of the new features of iOS 12 are available in this public beta as the FaceTime group, the additions in the notifications Center, the Memojis and the effects of the front-facing camera.

To download it follow this step-by-step and be sure to let us know how is your experience:

  • If you have not tried a beta of Apple before or not you signed up, you’ll have to do it now.
  • The site will send a key when you sign up with your Apple account.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions (please make sure to carefully read them before).

  • Check out the guide to do the tests. MAKE YOUR BACKUP.
  • Click the link to download the beta.
    And ready, to enjoy the benefits (and curses) of the public beta.

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