You can already use your computer, Microsoft fix the serious error for Windows 10

After days of much controversy about the serious error of Windows 10, and the announcement of Microsoft recommending that users reduce the usage time for your computer, or flat out not use it, the company from Redmond has fixed the bug which removed the data of users due to the new feature known as Storage Sense.

The update called Windows 10 October Update had to be stopped short by Microsoft so that there would be more users affected, and that is despite the fact that not everyone who updated to the new version of Windows 10 had problems, the company wanted no more annoying users and harmed.

Do you already you can use your computer?

Well, more or less, and is that Microsoft announced in its blog that the bug is resolved, and that the update with this solution has already been launched for users of Windows Insider (those who tested the beta versions), and that it will wait for them to check that there is no problem for then to release the update of Windows 10 with the solution to all who upgraded and those who soon will.

Android and Windows are now best friends

This means that if you upgraded to Windows 10 October Update and do not want to risk to lose more files, or not be able to recover the already lost you, then maybe you should become a user of the Windows Insider to test the new update.

If you want to be user of the program Windows Insider here you can follow the steps that Microsoft sought to do this.

What will happen with the files that I lost?

The company has mentioned that the affected users can contact the Microsoft support for them to help them to recover their files, the problem is that there is no guarantee that this can be done with success, unless if those affected went on using your computer.

Likewise, Microsoft has offered an apology and said that now the users of Windows Insider will be able to qualify the severity of a bug to be fixed before the final version is released to the market. and Partners.

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