We already know why Ant-Man didn’t appear in Infinity War

What had happened with Ant-Man and Hawkeye during Infinity War was one of the major questions that were left of the latest movie of Avengers, but now at least half of that question was already settled by the new promo of the next film in the Movie Universe of Marvel because we finally know what happens with the character of Paul Rudd.

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Well, it turns out that while almost all the heroes of the planet faced the threat of Thanos and the Gauntlet of Infinity, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) was on house arrest and trying to be a better citizen and parent.

According to us account Chilango, the new film of the franchise is located in San Francisco, shortly before or during of all that we saw in Infinity War. That is why neither Ant Man nor Wasp (Evangeline Lilly) appear on the side of the Cap to fight against Thanos.

Taking this into account, it is likely that we will see some of the characters in this sequel to disappear at the end of the film as a result of the actions of Thanos.

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Instead of showing us Ant-Man in Infinity War, or how it reacts to this event, the second part of this tape, the focus is more in dealing with the actions that occurred in the Civil War, because the characters still face the consequences brought by the agreements Sokovia and that Scott will fight as Ant-Man to the side of the Cap.

Therefore, in this sequel we will see that Scott is still in house arrest after the events of Civil War and is trying to be a citizen and exemplary father, because his sentence is two complete; however, not everything can be happiness, because Hank and Hope they will come to ask for help for a mission.

The life of Hope and Hank nor was it easy in those two years, with the approval of the agreements Sokovia, Hank had to make his technology available to the government, and as they refused, both of them are fugitives from the law.

So, how come, explanations the there is plenty about the whereabouts of Ant-Man and his closest associates. Now I just need to know what happened with Hawkeye, although here we have excellent theories.

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