What Yanny or Laurel? This audio viral is the sound version of the dress white or blue

The Internet had not been so divided since 2015, when an optical illusion that it included a dress sparked a battle viral unprecedented among those who saw blue and black, and those who perceived white and gold.

Where did the train viral on the Ferrari, here you have

Because the prophecy of a new era in which the Internet would be broken in half will just happen, but now is not visual is sound. And is that a new clip that is spreading in social networks is causing insanity among those who listen to him because some perceive the word “Laurel” and “other ” Yanny”.

The sound originally appeared on Reddit and now of course the whole thing has gone viral and now a real “war” we are living in the social networks between the #TeamYanny and the #TeamLaurel. The battle has reached to real public figures such as Ellen DeGeneres and chains such as Fox or Comedy Central, among many others.

What is the science behind Yanny or Laurel?

No, this is not any witchcraft. The Verge put hand to the work, and had consulted the professor of neuroscience Lars Riecke of the Maastricht University and he explained to them that in fact this is not an illusion, but of what he called a “figure-ambiguous”.

This means that two shapes that exist simultaneously and that can be arranged in two alternative ways. A phenomenon similar to that known as a glass of Rubin.

The secret is in the frequency. The acoustic information that makes some to listen Yanny exists in a higher frequency, while the information that makes others to listen to Laurel is located in a higher frequency. The variation can also arise by the team that plays the sound.

Age is also a factor. As you add up years begins to degrade the ability to hear higher frequencies, why is that the older adult is more likely to listen to Laurel.

As the matter is causing an uproar in social networks and in a short exercise we did here in the drafting of unocero we were able to check that the opinion is very divided. And you, do you hear, what yanny or laurel?

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